Who We Are

From our beginnings as MMO-armory, we have strived to communicate our customers’ core values to continuously improve our products and services. After 10 years of feedback from our customers, we have chosen to dedicate our boosting services as its own entity to fully focus on delivering boosting services of the highest quality. This entity is now known as BoostArmory. BoostArmory consists of 8 team members (and growing) who have extensive knowledge and experience of all games provided on BoostArmory’s platform.


We at BoostArmory focus on two core values: 100% Quality of Services and 100% Customer Satisfaction. Our mindset for these core values stems from our experiences as gamers playing MMO’s. We have experienced the hardships that many of our customers have faced and use it to think about and enhance the services we provide to our customers. This approach has allowed us to build a foundation that holds strong in having served 9,000+ customers. To us, players are not only our customers but are also partners in developing and providing the best services that BoostArmory has to offer. We value hardcore gamers, and support the gaming community as a whole and would like to give a big shout out at communities such as elitepvpers.com for bringing gamers together. We hope that together with gamers, we can make a platform that can empower this passion that we share.


Our plans are to expand into new gaming markets to provide services of the utmost quality for our customers. We at BoostArmory will continuously strive to improve our services for our customers. Moving forward, we will expand our services to different gaming platforms to contribute our core values to the gaming community.