After placing an order, a booster will be assigned to your order within 24 hours. Once a booster has been assigned to your order, they will then begin immediately.

The estimated delivery time will be presented to you on the order form above. This includes the time it takes for one of our boosters to be assigned to your order.

We only employ the best players from around the world. They are reliable, professional, and fast in providing quality services for our customers. By working with only the best, we can maintain our credibility as one of the most trusted companies for providing boosting services.

Boosting is safe on BoostArmory. It is against many game’s Terms and Conditions; therefore we take the utmost care in performing our services. These include the use of VPN software to mask the booster’s computer signatures, as well as maintaining confidentiality in regards to other players during executing the boost. We are confident in our capability in performing our services securely, therefore we also provide a warranty on all orders placed on BoostArmory.

This only applies to orders where our players needs to login to your account in order to perform the services:

After a booster has been assigned to the order, please do not play or login to your game account until the boost is complete or paused. Logging in while a player is boosting your account may have a negative impact on your account. If needed, you can contact the representative assigned to you and you can request that your service be paused.

Note: Pausing the service will result in the delay of your order from being completed.

You will be notified when a player has been assigned to your order. This indicates that the player will begin their work soon.

You will then receive another notification when the player’s work on your order has been finished.

If you have questions throughout the process, you can reach out to the player designated to completing your service (the player assigned to you will reach you via Skype, Discord, or E-Mail).

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